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Youth Sports Organization Outreach
Monday, 22 July 2013 08:18

Youth Sports Teams

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We visit with local sports organizations such as teams, leagues and schools on-location and talk to the parents and kids separately for 30 minutes each. We talk to them about their role in making their experience a positive one. We then talk about sports safety issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, MRSA, Heat Illness, Hydration, Abuse/Neglect and more. We explain what they are, how they happen and what they can do on their part to recognize and prevent them.

We know your time with your players is important and you only have so much time to get them ready for games. The information we provide to your parents and your players is just as important and can help to make your job a little easier with a little less to worry about.

We Come to You, No Charge! We ask for 20-30 minutes to speak the parents alone and then 30-40 minutes to speak to the kids alone about keeping active in sports, being positive and about sports safety awareness. 

This usually works best during the pre-season during a practice. The order in which we speak to the parent and kids does not matter.

All we ask is that you let your parents and kids know ahead of time that we will be there and that they should be there (Strongly Encourage or Require them to partake in this). That’s It!

On occasion, we may bring with us little tokens from our sponsors/partners to give out.

To show our appreciation of your dedication to helping ensure the positive and safe sports experience's of our local youth, we will add a brief summary to this section (below) about our visit with your team and we'll also take a few photos and post them on our website. We will also "Check-In" at your practice via our social networks.

If you are interested in us bringing this Program to you, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. Please include the Day/Date/Time, Team and League Name, Sport(s) and Number of Players.

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