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Youth sports has the potential to be a wonderful, life altering, and positive experience for our children and our families. It can also be negative, and detrimental to our relationships with our children, and their own psyche.

Being the parent of a young athlete is not easy, but there is hope, as long as we are not afraid to look for some guidance. Some of us can rely upon our own athletic experiences to guide us with our own kids. At times this may work great but a vast majority of time our children may think and act so differently then we did which can lead parents to become frustrated and may ultimately end up flying blind as they guide their child through their own sports experience.

In this section we'll give you some tips on how to be a better sports parent and how you can work together with your children and your children's coaches in helping to make everyone's time with sports is more productive and enjoyable.

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 15:12

Everyone Calm Down!

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By Brian Gotta I was taking my dog for a walk at a nearby grade school one Saturday morning and I passed a youth soccer game on the field. I knew from the uniforms that one of the teams was a local, competitive club. From the the sizes of the boys, I judged them to be around eight years old. I was stunned by the vociferous parents, yelling at the teenage referee about every call, and screaming instructions to the players each time they touched the ball. I kept walking that day. But a few weeks later, on the same…
Monday, 25 February 2013 15:18

A Simple Parents Code of Conduct to Follow

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You, as a parent, play a vital role in your child's youth sports experience. Your goal should not only be to attend and support the performances and efforts of your child but that of all the children who participate in your child's youth sports program. Parents also play an even more crucial role by providing the volunteer workforce that carries out essential tasks in supporting your youth sports program. The national media sometimes highlight stories of parents behaving badly at youth sport events. While such incidents are rare, they have become ever more increasing. Inappropriate behavior by parents detracts significantly from the original…
Monday, 04 March 2013 09:26

A Parents Perspective on Youth Sports

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As a parent it is your obligation to put the interest of what's best for your child in perspective. It is important for you to remember that youth sports is a learning environment as well as a fitness activity. Much like with school, we need to remember that the goal is for your child to learn new things and improve on what they have learned. The Cold Hard Facts Many, and I mean MANY, parents have lost their focus on why kids play sports and the true purpose of youth sports. For other parents, they may start with the true…

What's Being Said?

Marquette Johnson-Miller
2012-08-30, 07:50
Anthony will remember always when Brian from LVSPORTZ came out to talk to the boys. Anthony really didn't know how serious a Concussion could be. Anthony read the story of Derek Sheely (Anthony was sadden)Anthony wanted to talk about Derek's Story more in detail! Be aware,If u hit your head make … read more