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As a young athlete you have the right to enjoy playing sports whether it's on a team or with friends. By being positive and helping yourself to enjoy the game you can hopefully influence others to do the same.

While we encourage your parents and coaches to be positive role-models for you to follow, you yourself have to be positive as well. It is essentially up to you to make the best of your own experience and not to let anyone take that away from you.

In this section we will give over some tips to help you become not only a better athlete but a better person. For example, we'll cover things such as:


  • How having a bad attitude can affect sports performance
  • How to take pressure off of competition
  • How & Why to be a Good Sport
  • How you can be a good role-model
  • Mistakes are OK
  • Losing Sometimes can be Good

and much more....

If you ever have a question about something in this area, please feel free to ask your parent or coach and you can even ask us...

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The media has reported recently that a 46 year old soccer referee by the name of Ricardo Portillo has died as the result of injuries he sustained from being punched by a 17 old during a recreational soccer game in a small suburb of Salt Lake City, UT. The teenager had punched the ref after the ref had cited him with a "Yellow Card" for pushing another player. A yellow card symbolizes an official caution of a major rule infraction in unsportsman-like behavior in soccer, a second yellow card in the same game results in the player being thrown out of…