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Schools & Community Organizations
Schools & Community Organizations

Schools & Community Organizations

For Schools and Community Organizations we tailor each program specifically for the group. We combine our normal P.A.S.S. programming with information from our Get in the Game Section since some children in the group may not yet participate in sports related activities. We would like these children to better understand what sports can provide them.

Elementary – For elementary schools we provide programming called Fitness is Fun. This program is held in conjunction with other local organizations. We also provide a watered down version of the P.A.S.S. Programming that is specifically made to grab the attention of younger children. We believe this is the most important age for children to start learning about being positive and safe when they play sports.

We usually fit this into one 45 minute session that fits into the schools assembly schedule. The program can be adjusted time wise by a few minutes to fit the schools schedule but we try not to deter too much from it.

Middle School – For middle schools we offer two programs. The first is a more advanced form of our Fitness is Fun program where we talk a little more in-depth about Positive and Safe Sports.

The second program is geared towards Middle School Sports teams and follows our Youth Sports Teams programming outreach covering more in-depth Positive Sports Participation and Sports Safety information. Since parents don't usually attend practices, we ask to talk to them in a pre-season parents meeting which we try to keep down to no more than 30 minutes and we will talk to the kids and parents at the same time. We do ask to do this in the gym with both the boys and girls teams together in one sitting.

High School - We are working on bringing a couple of unique programs to our city. Please Stay Tuned!

Community Organizations - We custom tailor the programming based on the ages and activity of the organization but will follow almost the same formats mentioned above.

If you are interested in us bringing this Program to you, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. Please include the desired Day/Date/Time, School and Team Name, Sport(s) and Number of Students/Players/Participants.