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Community Outreach
P.A.S.S. Community Outreach

P.A.S.S. Community Outreach

Our community outreach program is designed to introduce parents, athletes, coaches and the general public to our PASS Program. Depending on the setting, we will talk briefly about different issues, how they can affect their sports experience and/or pass out a few informational items such as information on specific sports injuries, positive sports information and/or our different programs.

We then encourage them to take part in one of our interactive programs such as our Game-Saver programming or Free Interactive Sports Safety Clinics.

In addition to the information you'll find here on our website under our Enjoy the Game (positive sports) and Stay in the Game (sports safety) Sections, we also supply special in-person programming to local schools, youth sports leagues, youth sports teams, youth sports camps/clinics and other youth-based community organizations.

Our goal is to help educate local parents, athletes, coaches and the community on creating a positive sports experience for our youth and the various youth sports safety issues facing our local youth sports every day. It is vital that EVERYONE from parents to coaches and the athletes themselves are properly made aware of such risks and how to lessen those risks.

We provide a number of outreach opportunities throughout Southern Nevada to help in the education of these issues. Some forms of getting this information out there are through:

  • Integrated discussion's with parents and children in free sports clinics we put on;
  • Hybrid awareness clinics with other organizations such as Camps, Teams and Leagues;
  • Informational booths and tables at community events;
  • Assemblies in local schools;
  • Parent, Coach & Athlete Seminars;
  • and information posted via our website and spread throughout our social networks.

We are always open to new ideas when bringing the Program to your youth and can adjust programming as needed, though we try not to deter to far off the original program structure.

Some of these types of these outreaches are also attended by members of the local medical community such as Orthopedic Specialists, Neurology Specialists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists and more… Additionally, some clinics and seminars will include parents and/or children who have been affected by such safety issues.

Choose Your Organization or Event Type Below to Learn More About How You Can Help Us Spread The Message! We Do Not Charge for Any Of These Programs!


We are proud partners with: AOSSM’s Stop Sports Injuries Campaign, The National Alliance for Youth Sports, The CDC, The National Center for Sports Safety, The Youth Sports Safety Alliance and other numerous local and national organizations. We are always looking for new and unique programs to bring to our community.

Monday, 22 July 2013 08:26

Youth Sports Camps & Clinics

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Programming for Youth Sports Camps and Clinics are tuned specifically for the sport(s) that is being covered by the camp or clinic. We go over specific issues that are unique to the sport(s) as well as other basic information. At the very beginning of the camp or clinic we ask you to ask the parents to stay for a little bit and join us in an area away from the kids as not to distract the kids or the parents. The parent’s discussion will last just 30 minutes and we will go over 3 topics: Benefits of Sports, Positive Sports…
Monday, 22 July 2013 08:18

Youth Sports Teams

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We visit with local sports organizations such as teams, leagues and schools on-location and talk to the parents and kids separately for 30 minutes each. We talk to them about their role in making their experience a positive one. We then talk about sports safety issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, MRSA, Heat Illness, Hydration, Abuse/Neglect and more. We explain what they are, how they happen and what they can do on their part to recognize and prevent them. We know your time with your players is important and you only have so much time to get them ready…
Monday, 22 July 2013 08:12

Youth Sports Leagues

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We know as a league your first priority is the safety and positive experience of the children in your league. We know you are busy and try the best to provide this information to them but with hundreds of players, parents and kids in your league, sometimes relaying information on sports safety or being positive does not always translate correctly down the pipeline. Sometimes it may be that they just may not understand the information or the reasons for certain rules that are in place to protect the kids. We can help to make your job easier so you can…

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Sandpipers of Nevada
2013-02-27, 16:30
Thank you LVSportz Foundation for sharing our great news. We are so proud to be part of this community. Keep up the awesome work that you do to further youth sports!