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CPR/AED/First Aid for Youth Sports Organizations
CPR, AED, First Aid Training & Certification

CPR, AED, First Aid Training & Certification (0)

Our Game-Saver Program is designed to provide youth sports organizations throughout Southern Nevada with life-saving training and tools like CPR, AED and First Aid that they need to ensure the safety of everyone on our local sports fields and courts.

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A.E.D. Loaners

Coaches and Sports Organizations who have certified coaches are eligible to recieve one of A.E.D. Loaners if one is available...


CPR, AED, First Aid Certification with Sports Safety Awareness and Prevention Training for Coaches, Team Moms and League Administrators

We provide at-cost American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid Certification for your staff. In addition to that, our classes also provide a summary P.A.S.S. overview of the awareness and prevention of other safety issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), Hydration/Heat Illness, MRSA, Abuse and More that are taught by local medical professionals such as Certified Athletic Trainers, Peditricians, MD's and/or Sports Medicine Professionals...

Hands-Only CPR, AED Basics with Sports Safety Awareness and Prevention Training for Youth Athletes

CPR and AED for coaches is great but what if it's before or after a game or practice and someone collapses from heart failure but the coach isn't there yet or maybe just left and no one else around has had CPR training? Maybe the kids decide to take to the park to get a few hours of extra training in and it happens there? We could go on and on about possible situations but the point is why chance it? For us this is something that can and has happened here locally.

We work with local leagues and teams to provide youth 10 and older with training in Hands-Only CPR and AED basics for free. The jest here is to get them introduced to the concept and fundamentals so that they understand it enough that if a teammate or someone else around collapses they'd know what to do.


CPR, AED, First Aid and Sports Safety Training for High School Athletes

In Development! Coming Soon... 

This program will be available to High School Athletic Programs throughout Southern Nevada and will take place at the participating school's campus or at a school or location central to all participating schools if doing a multi-school session...

Program will be taught by certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructors, Athletic Trainers, Sports Medicine Doctors and/or other Medical Professionals as available.

Primary focus of the program will be to give high school athletes the tools and knowledge to perform basic life-saving skills and/or provide initial injury and emergency assesment and response that are sustained in a sports or public setting where an athletic trainer, doctor or other trained first responder is not immediately available.

The program will also teach the student-athlete on how to work in tandem with an athletic trainer or trained medical professional in such situations when needed.

Secondary focus of the program may also be to serve as an introduction to sports medicine and the career field of certified athletic trainer's.



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