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Hey Parents, a Few Quick Questions...

Would you drop your child off at daycare without knowing that the people taking care of your child had the right qualifications, training or accountibilty?

Would you let a teacher with no training or accountability teach your children?

Why should you let your child be taught sport fundamentals and life values from Joe Somebody with no training or accountability?

What do you know about the person training your child? Do they have a criminal background? What experience or qualifications in working with or coaching children do they have, if any?

A coach just playing the sport for any number of years (whether as a kid, in college or professionally) does not mean they will make a great "overall" coach. Sure, they may have the expertise in teaching the sport itself but do they TRULY understand what other vital things are at stake when working with children?

For example, we all take math or english for 12 years of school or more but that doesn't mean we can or should just walk right into a school full of kids we don't know and just start teaching them... You need to be taught on how to teach the subject properly and how to appropriately work with different ages of kids.

We hear questions like those above being tossed around all the time...

Well Parents, you now have the power of choice! No more wondering what training, experience or background your child's coach has! We take care of that for you. Our program is designed to give you the piece of mind you deserve when leaving your child in the hands of a coach.

And thanks to our national partner, the National Alliance for Youth Sports, you can now give valuable feedback to your coach so he/she can better their skills or if a coach is getting out of line, there's a reporting system where you can file a complaint and we will look further into the issue and work with the coach in getting it resolved.

What You'll Find in This Section?

In this portal you will find information on how to appropriately use our coaches directory and the links and instructions to rate and/or report your PASS Program Coach.

What Can You Can Do More on Your Part?

You also play a critical role in the positive and safe experience of your child! It is important that you work and clearly communicate with your coach throughout the season. Almost all youth sports coaches are volunteers and are not paid to do what the do, temper your expectations of what you want for your child and align them with the goals of the team and coaches. Remember that other parents and kids have their own expectations which have to be considered equally to yours.

From the first day of practice, it is important that all parents work together with the coach to define and communicate clear goals, values and procedures for everyone involved. Set realistic goals for the child, the team and the coaches.

As with any learning environment, improved performance is key, not just winning. Communicate openly and if you disagree with a coach’s approach or the behavior of other parents just remember to discuss it with them respectfully at an appropriate time and place away from the children.

For Information on how you can help your child enjoy the game, please visit the parents area of our Enjoy the Game section...

.::The LVSportz Foundation can only handle reports on Coaches in our PASS Coach Program::. If you need to file a complaint on a coach, please ensure you have read our Coach Accountability and Enforcement Policy. Complaints must be based on the coach not following any of the Coaches Code of Ethics as established by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS). The LVSF's PASS Coach Program & Certification is designed to sensitize volunteer coaches to their responsibilities and hold them accountable to the NYSCA Coaches’ Code of Ethics Pledge. Our purpose is to monitor our members and their behavior and as a NAYS Chapter we have…
The LVSportz Foundation and The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) would like to encourage you to evaluate your child’s coach so that we can better provide a fun, safe and positive sporting experience. Your evaluation serves as a great tool for coaches to attain useful and immediate feedback on how they are performing at anytime during the season. The LVSportz Foundation will have full access to evaluators’ identities and results, while coaches will only be able to see anonymous overall results. Required: In order to rate a coach you must have a coach’s NYSCA member ID number. You may…

What's Being Said?

Lee Lloyd
2013-06-30, 07:54
My children has a fabulous time! Thanks for a great, informative, fun, and interactive clinic (June 2013 Free Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinic)! :0