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Youth Sports Safety Advocates
Youth Sports Safety Advocates

Youth Sports Safety Advocates

Our Youth Sports Safety Advocates (YSSA's) are a group of individuals or families of individuals that have been affected from some form of a traumatic incident while participating in youth sports. All are from right in Southern Nevada. They have joined the LVSportz Foundation in helping to spread the awareness of youth sports issues and the tools to protect them from happening to others.

In this area you will find a little about their story and a little about their road to recovering from their ordeal. You can also meet them in person from time to time at any of the numerous community events where we are in attendance.

They may also be available for speaking engagements through our PASS Community Outreach Program.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a traumatic issue while participating in sports and may be interested in joining in our mission, please let us know. We are looking for people that are willing to share their story on our website and in-person through our community outreach program. We are looking for either the athlete themselves and/or their parents to speak with other kids and their parents. We'd love to have both so we could provide our audiences with two seperate view points but we would be happy with just one or the other. If interested please fill out the form located HERE.

Sunday, 30 June 2013 09:26

Sasha Pina

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Name: Sasha Pina Issue Affected by: Concussion (multiple)(single traumatic) Sport: Soccer Age & Year When Incident Happened: 16 - 2011 How: While going for a "header" during a game, knocked unconscious by elbow to the head from another player. A second large hit to the head occurred when hitting the ground while still unconscious. She also suffered another concussion two years earlier when her and another player collided while going for a "header" during practice. Result: Sasha was hospitalized for several days. There was no evidence of bleeding or skull fractures during an MRI directly after the incident. Suffered from…