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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 10:58

LVSportz Opens Up Youth Coach Certification Program

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We are proud to announce we have opened up the begining stages of our youth coach certification process. The coach certification program is designed to give parents, teams and leagues the piece of mind that their children are being coach by coaches who have the best interest of the child in mind. The secondary goal is to stop unruly coaches who should not be on the field from "league jumping". League jumping is the process of a coach who may be kicked out from one league or team only to find another league or team that may be unaware of any potential problems from the coaches past.

The first step in this process is a complete background check which ensures that the coach is free of any major criminal offenses or any sexual offenses, especially those involving children. We have partnered with industry leader Protect Youth Sports to provide thorough checks.

The second step in this process is the required National Alliance for Youth Sports' Youth Sports Coach Association membership. Not only does this membership require coaches to take an online course on coaching youth in sports but it also allows parents to rate their coach. In addition, each coach must abide by a strict Coaches Code of Ethics. If complaints are made against a coach for not following this code, the coach can lose their NAYS membership and thus lose our certification. We, as an official NAYS Chapter, have the duty and requirement to follow through on all complaints. We are unbiased in this process as we are not affiliated with any one team, league or sport.

Our program is only half the battle! It is up to the parents and the community to help see this through. We urge parents to protect your children and ensure they recieve a positive experience by only placing your kids on teams or leagues that have certified coaches. If your coach isn't certified ask them to start the process. If they aren't willing too, ask why and if you don't like the answer or they come up with excuses, it may be time to move on.

Coaches, start your road to certification TODAY! Complete our background check and complete the required NAYS National Youth Sports Association course and be on your way to helping provide a better experience for our youth athletes!

Coming soon we will be implementing our CPR, AED & First Aid courses along with our Stop Sports Injuries Course for Coaches and Postive Coaching requirements! http://lvsportz.com/programs/certification/144-requirements.html. All must be completed to obtain the overall Youth Sports Coach Certification.

The cost for the Background Check is $15 and the NAYS Online Course is $25. Show your parents you have the best interest of their children in Mind!

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