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Get in the Game
Get in the Game

Get in the Game

It is recommended by the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition that children and adolescents spend at least 60 minutes of every day engaged in some type of aerobic and physical activity. Being active helps in the fight against obesity and plays a crucial role in decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, premature death and other ailments.

Rugby-100Youth Sports can be the perfect element in helping them to reach these goals and benefits but in addition to those health and fitness goals, a proper youth sports environment can also help to form a child's core life skills and values at an early age which can help to pave the way for their future and the future of our community. Commitment, Discipline, Work Ethic, Teamwork, Time Management, Communication, Leadership and Respect are some the most proven, important and significant areas that the right youth sports environment can positively impact.

This section is dedicated to helping Southern Nevada youth get active in sports, how to do it properly and the reasons why. From our Free Youth Sports Clinic Program and Youth Sports Introduction & Development Program to our Registration Assistance Program, Directory and Team/League Announcement Section; we have all the tools you'll need.

If you do decide to get your child active in sports and/or this is the first time getting your child active in organized youth sports, we urge you and your child to take a look at our P.A.S.S. Section. That section will help you to make the most of your child's youth sports experience and help to ensure sports continues to provide the benefits listed above.

Once you've done that and are ready to go, check our Sports Connection Section where you'll find League and Team Announcements about upcoming registrations and our League and Team Directory where you can find the right program for your child.

Believe It or Not, Youth Sports in Las Vegas Affects our Entire Community! This is true whether you have kids or not. From our overall well-being as a city to even us as each individual, it affects us All socially and economically but let’s not also forget it's about the kids and their future. Like it or not youth sports Is an integral part of any community and this holds especially true here in Las Vegas! We need to face the Reality, and it's no secret, that we live in an adult's playground and there really isn't much for kids to do here. In…
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:02

Benefits of Youth Sports

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Just being physically active in anything can help in the fight against obesity and plays a crucial role in decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, premature death and other ailments. However, youth sports has some added benefits other than just keeping our children healthy and fit. Youth Sports can help in forming a child's core life values and skills at an early age and is one of the most significant impacts of youth sports participation. Those core values and skills can often impact their future success as an adult and can help in shaping…
Considering sports and other kid-friendly physical activities to give your child a head start on lifelong fitness but don't know where or when to start? Start Here! Most Pediatricians and Child Psychologists recommend not getting your child active in an "organized" sport until the age of 8. To many parents this seems as being too late but they give some very good reasons for their recommendations on why to wait. While preschoolers can throw and run fairly well, it usually takes some time before they can coordinate the two skills together. It usually isn't until 8 years old when most kids…
Before just finding any league or team to throw your kid onto, your family should really sit down, talk about the question's below to determine if your child and your family are really ready to jump into the world of organizaed youth sports: Participating in youth sports and physical activity programs can contribute positively toward developing: Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle Self-confidence and self-esteem  Motor skills  Social skills  Sportsmanship and ethics Fun and enjoyment of physical activity Developing those important life skills should play a central role in the reason why you determine getting your child involved in an…
Now that you have determined you and your child are indeed ready to jump into the world of organized youth sports the next step is find which program is best for your child. Programs promoting sport and physical activity for children have proliferated in recent years. Philosophies, objectives, facilities and leadership of the various programs in Southern Nevada can be so diverse that it is imperative that you assess the program's quality, both initially and periodically, to determine whether the program will provide or continue to provide a positive experience (physically, socially and emotionally) for your children. Developing important life…
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Determining Future Participation

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After your child has completed a season of participation, use your answers to the following questions as a guideline for determining his/her future participation.~ Did your child have fun? ~ Did your child’s emotional and social maturity match that of his/her teammates? ~ Was the coaching staff’s team selection consistent with its stated philosophy?~ Was the program’s actual administration consistent with its stated philosophy? ~ Was the equipment sufficient and available for all participants? ~ Was the number of practices, contests and tournaments appropriate for this level of activity?~Did the coaching staff modify activities to meet individual participants’ needs?~Did the coaching staff interact and communicate…