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Monday, 21 April 2014 06:51

To Those 30 Percent of Parents...

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Below is a repost of a status updates from one of our loyal followers who is a local youth football coach and we couldn't agree more with what he has to say...
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Thought of the day (please chime in if you have a different opinion)...

As I step into my 15th season as both a youth and high school coach, I think about all the kids I had the opportunity of coaching and mentoring. Then I think of the parents that I have come across, while I'll say 70% of the parents are there to watch their kids grow, have fun and learn teamwork, and there is that 30% group that sometimes I just can't seem to understand. I've met parents down to the 5-6 year old group that have one intention and that is to win and to win at all cost.

While winning is a great thing in sports, it's not the only thing in sports. I've met parents that told me their kid is the next greatest thing to sliced bread. While I'll never judge a child, I along with others in the high school levels know that most kids don't start to develop muscle growth, speed and puberty until their high school careers begin, some not until their junior or senior years.

So when a coach who has a proven program of developing his players starts to lose games, those 30% start to come out of the woods, with their opinions and suggestions. There is not a coach in this world that is immune to it. But take if for what its worth, its comes with the territory. It's what keeps us on our toes. Most of the time it is irritating, but as the years roll on you learn to deal with it.

So to those 30% out there I'll say this. There is not a high school coach, college recruiter or NFL Analyst in this country that will lay down a red carpet for your child because he was part of a championship undefeated 10 under squad. They do not care if your son was part of a team that won 20 youth tournaments in his last five years of youth football. You know what they care about? Aside from academics, the ability to play and understand the game, the ability to develop and work hard and last but not least, the ability to play a team sport with the rest of their team.

To all the coaches out there both good and bad, keep that in the back of your head. Develop the kids to play the game, in the end we all WIN....

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