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NATA's Sports Safety for Youth Coaches Course

The National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Sports Safety for Youth Coaches online course includes 14-sections of content is appropriate, complete, current, comprehensive and user-friendly extensively covering the most recent, expert information and best practices.

The course content includes:

  • risk management,
  • legal issues,
  • PPE,
  • emergency planning,
  • training,
  • strength and conditioning,
  • nutrition,
  • recognizing sports-related illnesses and injuries,
  • prevention and care of concussions,
  • equipment fitting,
  • safe playing conditions,
  • - and more.

Whether a seasoned professional or one just entering the field, all youth sports leaders and coaches (whether in our PASS Coach Program or Not) should enroll in this excellent educational training course from the healthcare professionals who work with athletes every day - athletic trainers.

This comprehensive sports safety guide is $19.95 and includes a concussion (traumatic brain injury) module free with your purchase of the Sports Safety Course. The concussion module can also be taken as a stand-alone course and costs $4.95 separately. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion and will be automatically listed for two years for free on NATA's Youth Coaches Registry.

Completing the "NATA Sports Safety for Youth Coaches" training course is the right and responsible thing to do for the leaders, coaches, teams, leagues, organizations, and communities. Most importantly, this course serves as an essential tool for the safety and protection of the young athletes who rely on us to be trustworthy and dependable while in our care.

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What's Being Said?

Christina Ramos Lovato
2013-04-11, 08:21
Listening to Sasha was an eye opener, listening to her mom was a tear jerker. No parent ever wants their kid hurt! & you never want their dreams crushed. Thanks LVSF, Sherry Clinton, & Sasha Pina for not holding back & sharing all the emotions that have come with Sasha's injury. (PASS Community … read more