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Monday, 22 July 2013 08:12

Youth Sports Leagues

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We know as a league your first priority is the safety and positive experience of the children in your league. We know you are busy and try the best to provide this information to them but with hundreds of players, parents and kids in your league, sometimes relaying information on sports safety or being positive does not always translate correctly down the pipeline. Sometimes it may be that they just may not understand the information or the reasons for certain rules that are in place to protect the kids.

We can help to make your job easier so you can concentrate on other vital areas of managing your league. The issues surrounding every league can come from many various sources and many of them can be tapered down without causing you more work or headaches.

Sometimes people just need to hear information from more than one outlet or they just need to have it explained in-person by someone knowledgable in the current state of things...

The Options:

While not required, we strongly suggest that you make our program a requirement that each parent, player and coach must participate in during the pre-season before they can participate in any activity or attend games. We can have a sign-in sheet or a full league roster and have everyone sign in during the clinic, we then would send the sheet back to you afterwards. You may even elect be on-hand to check-in your own league parents/players/coaches to ensure the validity of those attending.

This usually works best if you or your coaches give us a league roster for their team. This roster would only include the child's name and parent/guardian name(s) (contact information, personal information and birth date information, and etc. should be omitted). We then would require each parent to sign by their name and we would retain the copy and send it personally to you (either in person, via email or via snail mail).

Individual Clinics:
 We can hold an individual P.A.S.S. clinic for your coaches and another individual clinic for your parents and participants or we can do just one for the parents if you already have some type of training in place for your coaches (of course a little more information or in-person information never hurt anyone).

The clinic would take place in a single day for the entire league. A coaches clinic would be conducted first and the parent/player clinic would take place directly afterwards. Each would be 45 minutes in length for a grand total of 1.5 hours.

If you or any of your coaches utilize our Youth Sports Coach Development & Certification Program, our Youth Sports Safety Awareness is included as part of our program and the coach’s Certificate or ID can be proof of completion so long as it is current and not expired. Those coaches would not be required to take part in these clinics/meetings.

Team Clinics: We can visit each team in your league at their practice field during the pre-season. These clinics will be the same as listed in our Youth Sports Team Outreach information area. In addition, to satisfy your requirement that each parent, player and coach attend such a clinic/meeting, we can require that each parent to sign a sign-in sheet and then forward that to you for verification.


To show our appreciation of your dedication to helping ensure the positive and safe sports experience's of our local youth, we will add a brief summary to this section (below) about our visit to your league/teams and we'll also take a few photos and post them on our website. We will also "Check-In" at your main clinic, parents clinic or at each of your team's practices via our social networks. Your league name will be included in each one.

Team Clinics will be listed in the Team Outreach area and once we have concluded with all teams a League overview will be placed in this area.

If you are interested in us bringing this Program to you, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. Please include the possible Day/Date/Time's, Name of League, Sport(s), Average Number of Teams and Average Number of Players per team. We would require a more exact number at least 2 weeks before the program if utilizing the Single Clinic Option.

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