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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 14:41

Why Youth Sports Is Especially Important for Everyone Here in Southern Nevada - A Message from Our Founder

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Believe It or Not, Youth Sports in Las Vegas Affects our Entire Community!

This is true whether you have kids or not. From our overall well-being as a city to even us as each individual, it affects us All socially and economically but let’s not also forget it's about the kids and their future. Like it or not youth sports Is an integral part of any community and this holds especially true here in Las Vegas!

We need to face the Reality, and it's no secret, that we live in an adult's playground and there really isn't much for kids to do here. In this city of Multi-Million dollar casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers our children are only left with a few choices for themselves.

Sure there are quite a few things for the younger kids but those things can be quite expensive (yes, even when compared to some sports fees). As our kids get older into their teens their options dwindle significantly. There's the occasional trip to the movies, a few limited attractions, that occasional carnival that pops up out of nowhere (in random areas around town) or a couple of other kid friendly places. Our children can and do quickly exhaust these options and are usually left wondering what else there is left to do? Sometimes those other options involve sitting in front of a television, playing video games, sitting on a cell phone, roaming the Internet or worst, hitting the streets and finding other ill ways to cure their boredom.

Keeping our kids active in sports and sports related activities benefits our children and our community in Several Ways:

Life Values, when taught properly sports can instill core life values like: commitment, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, time management, communication, leadership and physical fitness. Those are just eight of the many and most important impacts of youth sports participation at an early age. These are values that will help our kids as they move along into their adult lives and become an active part of our community as business leaders, community leaders and our future workforce.Youth Sports can also help to inspire career ideas, children who enjoy youth sports may get inspired to explore certain career options. For example, If a child plays a sport and becomes a good team leader on the field, he or she may take those abilities further and consider a career as an administrator or manager.

Community Service, Many youth sports teams travel together and need to fund-raise. Youth sports can implement activities within the community to provide services at a reduced or discounted cost. Yard work, car washes, child care, community events or other fundraising campaigns create a sense of ownership and belonging within their neighborhoods.

Family, Youth Sports encourages family participation by providing the opportunity for the family to spend quality time together. For example, when a child has a track meet on the weekend, his or her family attends the meet not only to offer moral support, but also to use it as a way to enjoy and spend time with each other.

Economically, youth sports can help to strengthen our local economy: Leagues pay the cities and county to use fields at local parks; the cities and county in turn put the money back into local parks for maintenance and improvements; children need equipment and uniforms from local suppliers; Families are out and about and are more likely to stop at nearby stores before, during or after games and practices; Families want to keep memories of their experience with pictures, videos, trophies and awards; Kids build up an appetite and need to stay nourished, families are more likely to eat out at local restaurants or need more groceries; Teams like to celebrate and come together with BBQ's and parties in which they'll need supplies from local stores or vendors; I think you get the point...

Socially, it keeps our kids off the streets and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. It helps to make our kids more socially active with other kids and adults and can result in more family to family connections. Additionally, sports provide the social and moral requirements that are parallel to how individuals must function in a law-abiding society. Young people engaged in a positive sports environment and other skill building activities are more likely to be positively engaged in school, and more likely to resist many (but not all) risk behaviors.

There is also some research evidence that former athletes are more likely to engage in things like voluntarism and voting when they reach adulthood.  There is also practical evidence that sports bring communities together as people convene to watch sporting events and do the myriad things it takes to support youth sports programs.

I've been quoted with the following saying: "It takes a community to build a community". I still believe in this and I still say it today. Taking all of the factors above makes for a pretty good argument for the community benefit of youth sports and while all the above benefits can easily be achieved, it's not something that's just given, it must be worked for, together.

I have created the LVSportz Foundation and along with it several programs to help ensure that every the above benefits are achieved within our community and that every child is afforded the chance to experience and learn those core values regardless of their family's financial standing and that these core values are taught in a safe and positive manner from people with the best interest of our children and our community in mind before their own.

As Always, Your Continued Support in Our Efforts Is Greatly Appreciated!

Brian Bartolome
Founder & Executive Director, The LVSportz Foundation

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