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Monday, 01 April 2013 14:19

LVSF Launches New Program to Help Local Youth Participate in Positive and Safe Sports Environments

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Las Vegas, NV – April is National Youth Sports Safety Month and to mark the occasion local non-profit the LVSportz Foundation has just announced their new P.A.S.S. Program. P.A.S.S. stands for Positive And Safe Sports and is an easily remembered acronym the organization came up with to help parents, coaches and children remember how every child’s youth sports experience should be.

Statistics have shown that more than 70% of children who start playing sports before the age of 10 dropout of sports related activity by the time they reach High School. Various studies and surveys from universities and organizations from across the U.S. have found that reasons attributing to this drop included: Injuries; Unsafe Conditions; Criticism and Yelling; No Playing Time; Too Much Emphasis on Winning; Not learning; Boredom; and more…

Brian Bartolome, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation stated that “Youth Sports is an essential element to keeping our kids healthy and fit and can help to form core life values and skills. Having our children participate in youth sports can help to strengthen their future and the future of our community. Unfortunately, many parents and coaches have lost their focus on why kids play sports and the true purpose of youth sports. They may start out with the true intention of youth sports participation but quickly become intertwined with the views of others of having that future Scholarship or Pro Athlete and start to develop a Win-At-All-Cost attitude.”

He also stated that “We as adults need to stop living our childhood sports dreams through our children. If our children have those dreams themselves, then we as parents need to ensure they reach it properly, safely and for the right reasons.”
The program features information via their website and also includes an in-person community outreach program where the foundation visits local youth sports teams, leagues, schools and other community organizations to talk to parents, kids and coaches about being positive and safe during youth sports participation.

Information is customized to how the local environment here in Southern Nevada affects each issue. Each program or clinic is specifically tailored towards the organization they are visiting and for who the information is being presented to and includes separate components that are directly geared towards parents, towards children and towards coaches.

Also joining the LVSportz Foundation in the program is 18 year old Sasha Pina who suffers from the long-term effects from a major concussion she incurred while playing soccer over 2 years ago. She will be sharing her story of how it happened and her long road to recovery after suffering a major Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as the result of playing sports.

The organization states it is not their intention to scare parents or their children away from playing sports, in fact they want to get more children involved in sports and want to keep them involved for life. They want to give them the tools to properly recognize when an issue arises and how to handle them when they do happen. Their overall goal is to hopefully prevent them from even happening in the first place.

For more information on the program, parents, kids, coaches, school administrators, team administrators and league administrators are all encouraged to visit the programs homepage at http://lvsportz.com/pass today. Scheduling a clinic or program is simple and they do not charge for the program.

About the LVSportz Foundation
The LVSportz Foundation is a multi-faceted Nevada non-profit whose goal is to help Southern Nevada youth Get in the Game, Enjoy the Game and Stay in the Game. We offer positive sports tools, sports safety information, youth sports registration assistance, free youth sports clinics and youth sports recognition as well as news and announcements on every aspect of youth sports in the Southern Nevada area.

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