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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 10:29

Concussions Can Cause Long-term Effects For Young Athletes

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Through May 15 of this year, the IHSA has reviewed 145 reports that have come into their office from sports officials who have had to remove a student-athlete from a game. Of those 145 cases, 118 players did not return to the game in which they sustained the injury. 

Tragedy can strike if a concussion is not treated properly, causing further brain trauma, chronic headaches, psychological disorders, long-term memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and even death. Cumulative injury can cause serious mental impairment later in life even if immediate problems aren’t evident. 

Even with all these potential long-term effects, and media coverage being hyped recently, not enough people are actually aware of how serious the consequences are.

Read the full Medill Reports article here

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Rocky Bansin - Longevity Sports Center
2013-06-30, 08:09
What a wonderful turnout today guys!! Special thanks to the NATA, Brian & the rest of the awesome staff at the LVSportz Foundation! (June 2013 Free Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinic)