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Friday, 20 July 2012 11:30

Local League in Hot Water for Double Charging Parents

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It has come to our attention from parents and a recent Channel 13 News story that local youth sports league Diversity Youth Sports (DYS) is charging parents debit/credit cards for fees incurred from last season.

In a recent segment on "You Ask, We Investigate", News 13 had this issue come to light after a local parent first had this happen and then had it happen a second time. After the first time she was able to have her charges reversed along with an apology from the league and a promise that it shouldn't happen again. A couple weeks later it did happen again and that's when she learned that several other local parents have had the same thing happen to them.

Attempts to get in touch with someone from the league by LVSF & Channel 13 have been unsuccessful. If you have a similar story, News 13 would like to hear from you: Send them email at [email protected] and be sure to include your phone number and the subject "DYS". You can also comment below...

Read and Watch the full story by Channel 13 News Here: Parents Frustrated with Diversity Youth Sports


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