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Monday, 06 February 2012 16:22

Kids' Sports Psychology Launches New Program to Help Parents and Sports Kids Cope With Bullying in Youth Sports

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Kids’ Sports Psychology, a leading website designed to help sports parents, coaches and kids boost confidence, focus, and composure in young athletes, has launched a new program to help parents and young athletes cope with bullying in youth sports.

One of the top “mental game” issues sports parents identify is bullying in youth sports, according to Patrick Cohn, a mental game expert and co-founder of Kids’ Sports Psychology.

“This is one of the top challenges sports parents write us about,” says Cohn, who, along with his sister, Lisa Cohn, operates Kids’ Sports Psychology, which offers members articles, videos, audios, e-books, and other resources to help young athletes improve their confidence and success in sports.

“Parents complain that their kids’ confidence is hurt by bully coaches and by young athletes who harass, intimidate, threaten or exclude their athletes,” says Lisa Cohn, an award-winning parenting writer. “Often, kids drop out of sports as a result of bullying, and miss out on all the social, emotional, and physical benefits of youth sports.”

Bullying forces families to grapple with tough questions, says Lisa Cohn. Should parents try to reason with bully coaches? Should they report them to league administrators? Should they try to talk directly to kids who bully? Should they move their young athletes to different schools? How can parents cope with the fear and loss of confidence their bullied sports kids experience?....

The new bullying department http://www.kidssportspsychology.com/public/department101.cfm, includes an e-book/workbook program written by Patrick and Lisa Cohn, “Helping Athletes Stay Confident and Mentally Tough in the Face of Bullies.” It also includes articles, audio interviews, e-books and questions-and-answers. Bullying experts will respond to parents’ and athletes’ questions, including Carl Pickhardt Ph.D, a psychologist and lecturer who is in private counseling. Based in Austin, Texas, he's the author of "Why Good Kids Act Cruel," a book about bullying. In addition, he writes a weekly parenting blog for Psychology Today entitled "Surviving (your child's) Adolescence."

For complete access to these resources, parents and young athletes must become exclusive members of Kids’ Sports Psychology, an online training program for sports parents and their kids.

Patrick Cohn, Ph.D. and Lisa Cohn are a brother-sister team and co-founders of Kids’ Sports Psychology and The Ultimate Sports Parent.

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D., earned his Ph.D. in Education specializing in sports psychology from the University of Virginia in 1991, and founded Peak Performance Sports in 1994. Dr. Cohn is an author, professional speaker and one of the nation's leading mental game coaches. Dr. Cohn has helped athletes from a variety of sports backgrounds (both amateurs and professionals) identify and develop the mindset needed to achieve peak performance.

Lisa Cohn is an award-winning parenting writer and author whose stories have appeared in Mothering, the Christian Science Monitor, Parenting and other publications. She's the host of Ultimate Sports Parent Radio, a podcast with about 130,000 subscribers, She's been quoted about parenting by the New York Times, Associated Press and Time Magazine. Lisa is a sports mom and former youth sports coach.

For more information, contact Lisa Cohn, 503-577-0504 or email youthsportstips(at)youthsportspsychology(dot)com

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