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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 13:53

Hard Hits, Hard Numbers: The First Study of Head Impacts in Youth Football

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With more and more focus being placed on the dangers of concussion's in high school, collegiate and pro sports it's also important to remember that those dangers double and triple in younger ages.

Reporter Stone Phillips reports on a groundbreaking study in which researchers at Virginia Tech placed instrumented helmets on 7 and 8-year-old football players that collected data on more than 750 hits to the head over the course of a season.

The findings provide the first quantitative assessment of the acceleration and risk that young brains are exposed to in youth football.

While the report focuses on football, it is important to remember that the risks are just as great in any sport where a blow to the head is possible (pretty much every sport).

I urge everyone to view the Video Report on his website: http://stonephillipsreports.com/2012/01/hard-hits-hard-numbers/

You can also find more important information on concussion's in youth sports in our Youth Sports Safety Program Section: http://lvsportz.com/programs/youth-sports-safety/142-heads-up-concussions-in-youth-sports.html

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