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Monday, 18 July 2011 20:52

The LVSportz Insider Program

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We are pround to introduce the LVSportz Insider Program! This new program is designed to fill in some missing pieces in the Las Vegas Sports scene. The goal of the program is to help spread information on local sports at all levels (Youth, Adult Recreational, High School, Collegiate, Semi-Pro & Professional). We want to help spread information on things such as league registrations, camps, tournaments, safety issues, health issues, tips, drills, sports parenting, coaching and just about anything that concerns sports in Southern Nevada.

If you have any information to give, you can be an Insider! It can be as simple as an upcoming event or a simple article of information. You can go even deeper with detailed articles or a series of articles on the Las Vegas sports scene.

The Goal: Vital Information, One Place!

The LVSportz Insider Program is designed to help spread vital information about local youth sports, community sports, health, fitness & safety issues to players, parents and coaches throughout the Las Vegas & Southern Nevada areas. Insiderz are a consortium of local parents, players, coaches, team managers, league administrators, health professionals, fitness professionals and local leaders who help contribute to local sports by sharing any information that they have on our website for everyone to see. 

The goal of LVSportz & the LVSportz Insider Program is to give local residents a single place to find the vital information mentioned above and to give them an inside look into the local youth sports & community sports scene here in the Las Vegas area. There is so much information out there that just doesn't get seen by everyone who needs to see it, information is often spread throughout so many different mediums that it takes too much time to find and many times never gets found.

Our Site is Designed to Spread Information!

Once an article, event or listing is published the system automatically updates our Facebook Profile, Facebook Page & Twitter Account thus alerting our followers to the freshly published or updated information. Social Bookmarking links at the top of every article enhances this feature even more by allowing readers/users to promote your article, event or listing via Twitter, FB & Google. This combined with our RSS feeds and Monthly Newsletter (coming soon) ensures that the information is put out there for everyone to see.

Insiderz Serve as Ambassadors to LVSportz & the Local Sports Community!

Insiderz help to promote LVSportz and our goals to the masses. By promoting not only their submissions but the submissions of other Insiderz via their social networks and to the public in general, Insiderz help to spread the awareness of our site and the information contained therein. By doing so they are not only giving themselves greater exposure but are also providing a service to our community.

Join Today & Start Spreading the Information!


Once you are a Member and would like to become an Insider, Shoot us a Message via the Private Messaging System or the Contact Us form and tell us why you would like to be an LVSportz Insider!

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