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Sasha Pina

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Sasha Pina

Issue Affected by:

Concussion (multiple)(single traumatic)

Sport: Soccer
Age & Year When Incident Happened: 16 - 2011
How: While going for a "header" during a game, knocked unconscious by elbow to the head from another player. A second large hit to the head occurred when hitting the ground while still unconscious. She also suffered another concussion two years earlier when her and another player collided while going for a "header" during practice.
Result: Sasha was hospitalized for several days. There was no evidence of bleeding or skull fractures during an MRI directly after the incident. Suffered from some loss of memory and balance. Several months later her balance problems worsened which led to her falling and hitting her head again. Began to suffer multiple seizures which required anti-seizure medicine and a long stint in rehabilitation at the Nevada Center for Enrichment Program.
Current Status Updates: 6/30/2013 - Sasha graduated from the NCEP program in June of 2013. Has been seizure free and continues to improve in other areas.
Concerns Regarding to How Incident Happened or What Led to Issue: The other player used improper technique when trying to "head" the ball. Kept other possible prior concussions quiet (failure to tell coach, AT and/or parent).
Concerns After the Incident Happened: Team members tried to move her after incident without direction from an adult or trained medical professional. Coach didn't think it was a big deal at first. Took several minutes for Athletic Trainer/On-Site Medical Support member to arrive to the incident. On-site Athletic Trainer/Medical Support person did not seem knowledgeable enough on the injury (unknown if person providing support was a licensed or certified in a particular field).
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Program Stats

Physicals/Heart Screens Given 0 2 0 1
Baseline Concussion Tests Given 0 0 0 0
Coach/Team Moms CPR/AED Certified 0 0 0 7
Kids Trained in Hands-Only CPR 0 0 5 6
Available A.E.D. Loaners 0 0 0 1
Assisted Registrations 0 0 0 8
Free Sports Clinics Held 0 0 0 4

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Marquette Johnson-Miller
2012-08-30, 07:50
Anthony will remember always when Brian from LVSPORTZ came out to talk to the boys. Anthony really didn't know how serious a Concussion could be. Anthony read the story of Derek Sheely (Anthony was sadden)Anthony wanted to talk about Derek's Story more in detail! Be aware,If u hit your head make sur...