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Positive Sports
Positive Sports

Positive Sports

A Positive sports experience is crucial for our children to not only staying in the game but also in developing the building blocks for their future.

Youth sports is not all about winning, it’s about teaching core life values to the child that they can use as they grow into an active part of our community. Those values can be damaged and/or lost in an unsafe and negative environment. Our children deserve to have the best possible environment along with proper training and equipment for them to enjoy and succeed in their sport and life.

It is important that everyone involved in youth sports, from the coaches to the parents to the athletes themselves, be a positive role model. We all need to resist the temptation to recreate or reinvent your own athletic past through youth sports; Stay focused on the child’s unique abilities, interests and goals; Lead by example and keep our emotions in check at games and events; Maintain a cool composure and positive attitude; don’t yell at other players, coaches, or officials and most importantly, show respect... your child, and hopefully others, will follow your example.

It’s also important to understand that most coaches in youth sports are volunteers who are not professionally trained. Temper your expectations of what you want for your child and align them with the goals of the team and coaches. Remember that other parents and kids have their own expectations which have to be considered equally to yours.

From the first day of practice, it is important the coaches and parents work together to define and communicate clear goals, values and procedures for everyone involved. Set realistic goals for the child, the team and the coaches. As with any learning environment, improved performance is key, not just winning. Communicate openly and if you disagree with a coach’s approach or the behavior of other parents, discuss it with them respectfully at an appropriate time and place away from the children.

Remember you have the power of choice, if you don’t like what’s happening on your child’s team you have the choice to go elsewhere. No child should be subjected to a negative and/or unsafe environment.

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Everyone Calm Down!

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By Brian Gotta I was taking my dog for a walk at a nearby grade school one Saturday morning and I passed a youth soccer game on the field. I knew from the uniforms that one of the teams was a local, competitive club. From the the sizes of the boys, I judged them to be around eight years old. I was stunned by the vociferous parents, yelling at the teenage referee about every call, and screaming instructions to the players each time they touched the ball. I kept walking that day. But a few weeks later, on the same…
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The media has reported recently that a 46 year old soccer referee by the name of Ricardo Portillo has died as the result of injuries he sustained from being punched by a 17 old during a recreational soccer game in a small suburb of Salt Lake City, UT. The teenager had punched the ref after the ref had cited him with a "Yellow Card" for pushing another player. A yellow card symbolizes an official caution of a major rule infraction in unsportsman-like behavior in soccer, a second yellow card in the same game results in the player being thrown out of…
A study concluded by the NCAA in 2012 laid out the probability of a High School Senior making into Collegiate Athletics and beyond. The study was based off information obtained from the NCAA's 1982-11 Participation Statistics Report. The numbers below can be a harsh reality for those with children hoping to make it to those levels. The basis of this information (and the reason for us posting it here) are not to dash anyone's dreams. It is important for parents and athletes to realize that you need a back-up plan and that concentrating on school and enjoyment of the sport for activity…
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A Parents Perspective on Youth Sports

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As a parent it is your obligation to put the interest of what's best for your child in perspective. It is important for you to remember that youth sports is a learning environment as well as a fitness activity. Much like with school, we need to remember that the goal is for your child to learn new things and improve on what they have learned. The Cold Hard Facts Many, and I mean MANY, parents have lost their focus on why kids play sports and the true purpose of youth sports. For other parents, they may start with the true…
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You, as a parent, play a vital role in your child's youth sports experience. Your goal should not only be to attend and support the performances and efforts of your child but that of all the children who participate in your child's youth sports program. Parents also play an even more crucial role by providing the volunteer workforce that carries out essential tasks in supporting your youth sports program. The national media sometimes highlight stories of parents behaving badly at youth sport events. While such incidents are rare, they have become ever more increasing. Inappropriate behavior by parents detracts significantly from the original…

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Thank you! It was a great pleasure! Can't wait to work with you all again very soon. (Fitness is Fun Test Project @ Doris French ES)