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Girls Varsity Flag Football Section

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At the request of some of our loyal followers, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our site: Girls Varsity Flag Football News, Scores and Standings!

This section however, like the rest of our High School Sports section, is heavily dependent on volunteer involvement to add scores, update schedules, provide news and more. With many schools and games it is hard for us to keep up as it can be very intensive for just one or two people to update everything and would take away from our focus on helping the community.

Helping is as simple as Registering on our site (Signing Up with your Facebook Login is even easier) and requesting to have access to your schools team page.

If you would like to also be able to write an article, just ask us for Insider Privileges... Just make sure you read our Submission Policy first ;)

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What's Being Said?

Henderson Sharks
2013-02-12, 07:29
Thank you for all of your help and support within our community and our organization. Getting a ton of responses for our team and camp this Saturday. Thanks for the help!!! COACH SHARK w/Henderson Sharks Youth Football Team