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Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:17

Paid Youth Sports Coaches

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We would really like to hear your thoughts about this: A new and upcoming youth football league has proposed the idea of paying their head coaches the equivalent to what the local high schools pay their coaches, which is about $1,200 a season (if I stand corrected). They didn't say how they would pay for them but we are guessing it would probably come from registration fees and sponsorships. While one might worry (and rightfully so) that this would lead to a win-at-all-cost (and risk) attitude with the coaches, the league states that coaches wouldn't be evaluated on a win-loss…
Monday, 23 July 2012 15:09

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

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Article By: Sheldon Scott McArthur I am a firm believer in maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude or PMA. I have done considerable research on the subject and have endeavored to promote the practice in my daily life. I think it can be a valuable life lesson for everyone and is especially needed when dealing with difficult situations (like a devastating loss). I believe that PMA is an extremely important subject when teaching young people (why do we need to keep a positive attitude especially when faced with adversity).PMA is a state of mind that can be very empowering. Whether or…
Football, it's a Man's Sport right? Wrong! Football has always been known as a guys sport: Guys Love To Watch It, Guys Love To Talk About It & Guys Love To Play It. Most women despise the sport because of that or at least they used to. For many years women have been left on the sideline either as cheerleaders, spectators or just there to tag along with their man so they can get some time with them in the fall. For a few women however it's different, they have long dreamed about putting on some of those pads and…

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Tonia Hall
2015-07-27, 16:16
I had a blast.. Can't wait to do it again! (Game-Saver Event)