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CPR/AED/First Aid Certification Coaches, Team Moms, League Administrators

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NOTE: Our Classes Are Only for Those In Southern Nevada Youth Sports Organizations

We provide the lowest priced American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid Certification for your staff. We are focused on getting as many coaches, team moms and league administrators certified as possible and are not worried about making a profit since we are a non-profit.

In addition to CPR/AED/First Aid, our classes also include a Youth Sports Safety Awareness and Prevention segment that overview's issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), Hydration/Heat Illness, MRSA, Abuse, Pre-Participation Exams and More as it relates to trends in our local environment as well as legal requirements and possible liabilty issues.


arc authorized providerComponents:

American Red Cross CPR
American Red Cross AED
American Red Cross First Aid
Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention


The CPR, AED and First Aid portion class will be instructed by Certified American Red Cross Volunteer Instructors and/or LVSF ARC Certified Staff.

The Youth Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention portion of the class will be instructed with the help of local Certified Athletic Trainers, Peditricians, Sports Medicine Specialists and/or General MD's where and when available...


Combined CPR/AED/First Aid Class with Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention - 5 1/2 hours - $35.

CPR/AED Only Class with Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention - 4 hours - $25.

First Aid Only Class with Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention - 2 1/4 hours - $22.

All classes include a $3 fee (included in cost above) for a Training Kit (CPR Facemask/Shield, Gloves & First Aid Supplies) from the American Red Cross.

There is no fee for the Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention Segement of each class.



We suggest the class be scheduled during the pre-season, preferably before the first practice of the season.

No more than 1 class per month may be scheduled based on the pre-scheduling of interested organizations. All classes will be held on a Saturday.

Once we have an interested organization or group and depending on the size of that organization's interested staff and based on the available number of instructors for that day, we may open up the class for additional registrations for additional coaches who are also seeking certification. At the very least, we will have a minimum number of instructors for the interested organization.

This is done to maximize the number of coaches reached while minimizing the strain on available resources and volunteers.

PLEASE GO HERE to find a Class that has already been scheduled.You can also request to schedule a class for your group or be notified when a new class is scheduled,just join our class notification list using the form provided on the page.






No need to worry! Below you can find a list of providers that offer other CPR/AED/First Aid Classes at a discounted price if you Mention the LV Sportz Foundation!

Note: Our PASS Overview that we provide as a portion of our classes is not provided at these classes...

COMING SOON... Are You a Provider? CLICK HERE to Contact Us Today to Find Out How You Can Be Added to the List!




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Program Stats

Physicals/Heart Screens Given 0 2 0 1
Baseline Concussion Tests Given 0 0 0 0
Coach/Team Moms CPR/AED Certified 0 0 0 7
Kids Trained in Hands-Only CPR 0 0 5 6
Available A.E.D. Loaners 0 0 0 1
Assisted Registrations 0 0 0 8
Free Sports Clinics Held 0 0 0 4

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Jennifer Robinson
2013-02-12, 07:38
I just want to say thank you for what you guys do! As A result of posting our info with you guys we have 2 new players and 1 new cheerleader so far!