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Game-Saver Program
Game-Saver Program

Game-Saver Program (4)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the #1 killer among youth athletes! Our Game-Saver Program is designed to provide parents, athletes and youth sports organizations throughout Southern Nevada with fee or low-cost life-saving training and tools that they need to ensure the safety of everyone on our local sports fields and courts like:

  • Sports Physicals & Heart Screenings
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Training & Certification
  • AED Accessthat they need to ensure the safety of everyone on our local sports fields and courts.

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CPR, AED, First Aid Training & Certification

We provide the Low-Cost American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid Certification for your coaches and those within youth sports organization.

We also provide Free Hands-Only CPR, AED Awareness & Sports Safety Awareness Training for Youth Athletes 10 and up for interested youth sports organizations.

A.E.D. Loaners

While Sports Physicals and Heart Screenings can help catch potential life-threatening issues before it's too late, not every problem can be detected and not every child gets the proper screening. Having an A.E.D. on hand can be the difference between life and death by saving valuable minutes between collapse and emergency response! We offer available A.E.D.'s to qualifying organizations.


Pre-Participation Sports Physicals with Heart Screenings

Even if your child's sports organization doesn't require one, you need to get one... Some but not all life-threatening conditions can be found through a simple and thorough Pre-Participation Exam. Unfortunately not every one gets one or they aren't properly done. We offer free or low-cost Sports Physicals several times throughout the year.

We take it a step further and offer an additional free or low-cost heart screening using a combination ECG and 2D Limited Echocardiogram that is performed by certified techs and read by an on-hand pediatric cardiologist to lessen the risk that a serious condition is missed.


Baseline Concussion Screenings

Our Baseline Concussion Screening Program is currently in development... 

Establishing individual baseline concussion test results in youth athletes is critical to early detection and proper concussion management for a safe return to play and can aid in the prevention of fatal Second Impact Syndrome and long-term mental disabilties from repeated concussions. We are committed to this and we are working diligently to bring this to our youth sports community! Please Stay Tuned!


Injured Athlete Assistance

Assisting Young Injured Athletes on the road to a speedy recovery while reducing the financial strain on families from medical expenses occured from injuries sustained to their child while participating in sports....


Program Stats

Physicals/Heart Screens Given 0 2 0 1
Baseline Concussion Tests Given 0 0 0 0
Coach/Team Moms CPR/AED Certified 0 0 0 7
Kids Trained in Hands-Only CPR 0 0 5 6
Available A.E.D. Loaners 0 0 0 1
Assisted Registrations 0 0 0 8
Free Sports Clinics Held 0 0 0 4

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What's Being Said?

Jessica Zepeda Ricketts
2015-07-27, 15:54
Thank you so much for your services! My son was seen Saturday and although the ac was messed up it was greatly appreciated and you guys were very polite and professional! I wish I had the money to tip that day. (Game-Saver Event 7/25/2015; Free Sports Physicals, Youth Athlete Heart Screenings)