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2011-12 Season

This section is currently a work in progress and is designed to give all of our local B/JV football players and their families access to standings, scores and schedules in one convienant place. The reason: Currently local media only covers Varsity sports which is frustrating if you or your child plays at the lower level. We thought this would be a fun and good idea for the kids, coaches and families alike.

Schedules are pulled from the Clark County School District. Scores are obtained in connection with the lvfootball website who gets the scores directly from the B/JV coaches.

<---- You can now submit scores to us via our website, just click the "Submit Score" link in the High School B/JV Sports Menu in the left column...


Under the menu link for B/JV Football you will find a link to each leagues standings, currently standings only include an Overall record and there is no break-down by division W/L (This is something that may be changed in the future). Clicking on a team in the standings table takes you to that teams page (see below):


The team page includes the team's logo and may or may not include a team photo if one is submitted. Contact us today to find out how to submit a photo of your team for your team's page (we recommend a team photo with all players in it). Underneath the logo/photo there are links to the teams individual schedule, roster and stats:

Team Schedule

Clicking on the team's schedule will bring up a list of scheduled games for that team which includes for each game:

- Game Date & Day of the Week;

- Opponent/Game Type (League, Non-League), away games are preceeded with an @ symbol;

- Game Location, clicking on the location brings up (in a new window/pop-up) a Google Map for that location in which you can use to get directions;

- Game Time;

- Game Status (As Scheduled, Cancelled, Game Completed, W/L, Score etc...)

Roster & Stats

The roster and stats will not be available unless the schools coach or their official designee has signed up to manage their own team via our website. We would love to include these ourselves but unfortunately it would take too much time to update all stats and rosters myself.


Contact Us Today to find out how to get access to your team via the front-end of our website. You can change your schedule, update scores, add you roster, add stats and more!!!


Under works and will be located below. This will be used as an outlet for student writers from each school, who cover B/JV sports, to publish their articles in a public forum.

To submit an article you must be a registered member of this site and be an LVSportz Insider! Visit our Member Portal for more information...

There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may contain articles.

Program Stats

Physicals/Heart Screens Given 0 2 0 1
Baseline Concussion Tests Given 0 0 0 0
Coach/Team Moms CPR/AED Certified 0 0 0 7
Kids Trained in Hands-Only CPR 0 0 5 6
Available A.E.D. Loaners 0 0 0 1
Assisted Registrations 0 0 0 8
Free Sports Clinics Held 0 0 0 4

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Anthony Alegrete
2015-07-27, 16:16
Thank you to LV Sportz Foundation for the free echo cardiograms and EKG's for the kids! Your foundation is out there helping kids and families across Clark county. We appreciate you very much.

Parents, if you have children in sports and they are teenagers it's very important to get their heart ch...