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What Can We Do For You?

How Can We Benefit You?

Parents & Athletes

parent-childParents and Athletes can utilize The LVSportz Foundation for a number of things from Assistance to Information:

Leagues & Teams

leagueadminLeagues and Teams we've got you covered! We have several things that you can utilize:

All Articles and Events posted on our site are automatically posted to our social networks on Facebook and Twitter giving you the best possible exposure without having to spend a single penny!

Local Business & Corporations

businessYouth Sports is an important part of our community and can greatly affect your business whether you realize it or not!

Non-Profits and Other Community Organizations

npoIs your organization geared towards helping local youth?

Our Alliance Program is designed to help organizations who have programs geared towards local youth, but may have slightly different goals, come together for the overall betterment of our local youth.

By coming together we can make the biggest impact in our children's lives and the future of our community!

What's Being Said?

Shanelle Kunz
2013-05-31, 08:13
That was awesome, an absolute pleasure and learning experience. Y'all are incredibly inspiring. Thank You for your examples and I am grateful to have been able to be apart of the movement! and like LVSportz Foundation said nowhere to go but forward! (Fitness is Fun Test Project @ Doris French ES)